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« -: Вторник, 14 Февруари, 2012, 17:40:27 »

Нова версия на Mikrotik. Можете да си я свалите от тук.

Новостите в 5.12 (2012-Feb-14 08:18):

*) firewall - to-address can be specified as ip address with mask in addition to
    ip range;
*) traffic-generator - fix crash on multicore systems;
*) smb - fixes and improvements;
*) sstp - added RC4 cipher support to fix interoperability issues
    introduced in MS KB2585542 security update. from now on RC4 is the
    preferred cipher and AES will be used only if peer does not advertise RC4;
*) dhcp client - revert DNS settings on dhcp client disable;
*) quickset - country & channel-width can now be specified;
*) quickset - added support for configuring pppoe client on wireless interface;
*) bridge - fixed problem where arp reply-only or disabled mode didn't work and
   disabled bridge interfaces didn't have X flag;
*) webfig - fixed problem where none of table entries were shown if table filter
   was left to 'all';
*) webfig - show login page if autologin fails;
*) user manager - don't store backups in active store, always use path relative to /;

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Българският форум за Микротик
« -: Вторник, 14 Февруари, 2012, 17:40:27 »

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